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We are IMG.LY – a remote-first international software crew. Our journey started as the most popular photo-sharing tool for Twitter. Then we caught the eye of significant players tech by building Photo and VideoEditor SDK, powering hundreds of ideas by startups and Fortune 500 businesses.
As tech-travelers, you know you need a sturdy ride that carries you through tasks. Hence we are building UBQ, our creative engine. This engine allows developers to forge editing tools without rocket science! Also, our deep dive into the realms of machine learning and computer vision promise more accessibility and automatization. As the ancient wisdom says: It's dangerous to go alone! That is why we love to connect with like-minded creators in our DESIGN x TECHNOLOGY (DXT) meet-ups. Here we gather great minds in various fields, from creative coders to branding experts, to discover trends and open new grounds. These are our many orbits for one mission: democratize design & connect it with technology.

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Daten und Fakten GmbH
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